London Bus Museum’s Summer Event, 2018

Dear Drewitts Events,

The London Bus Museum’s Summer Event is rega rded by a large number of LBM members as a relaxing interlude in a busy schedule, a prelude perhaps to the start of summer with Wimbledon around the corner and passports already looked out for the impending holidays. Bliss.

Whilst admiring the splendid bus display in the Paddock on Sunday and then strolling up the Finishing Straight to admire the 40 or so vehicle entries it was difficult to disregard the fact that Spring Gathering is a greater attraction to enthusiasts, but “On the Buses” was targeted at a different audience, we wanted to attract families.

The theme of “On the Buses” offered scope to be seen enjoying oneself unashamedly with bus excursions and Horse Buses as well as attempting to replicate Royal Ascot on the Lil’ Riders.

Handshakes, back slaps and kisses on cheeks as a form of saying “thank you” to everyone involved in the event, be it on the day or months ago as planning and organising for this event started in 2017. Yes indeed there was a plan.

For the record, unconfirmed (but probably strenuously defended) most of the takings for the day were:
D142 £736.79
LBM Reception shop £565.17
Second hand shop £1229
Horse Bus £742
Lil’ Riders £160 approximately
Bus Tours £500 approximately
LBM Workshop £30
LBM Shop £1000 approximately

Highlights of the day:
That there were 1108 visitors on a day better suited for the beach or draped in a St George’s flag sitting in front of the television;
Clearing up after 21st birthday party at 7.00 am with traders forming a long queue;
Fence building in the nicest possible way;
Observing a solitary, forlorn figure sitting in the LBM members’ marquee. Sad;
A man with a bucket and spade scraping horse manure off the road. No rose fanciers available;
That no one was heard to say “I hate you Butler”

"I thought you would like to know that the Regent Street Association estimate that 340,000 people were on the street on 3 July – a very impressive number! Once again thanks for all your help and support. Best wishes"

Jo Hall, Strategic Programmes Manager, London Transport Museum